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Short Sheetmask Review: 24Miracle Mask Propolis Ample Mask

Last night routine was fairly simple. After cleansing, I used;

* Waso Fresh Jelly Lotion
* Stratia Rewind
* 24Miracle Propolis Ample Mask courtesy from @putihtalk (thanks @kopikatkitty for the suggestion! )
* Swanicoco Peptin Eye Cream (thanks @swanicoco.en!)
* Farmacy Sleep Tight.

I'm pretty impressed with the 24Miracle Mask, I wasn't putting any high expectation for it but am pleasantly surprised.

* Ingredients: There is no English translation of the ingredients on the package, but it seems like it's pretty clean from the Google Translate

* Material: Thick and cottony
* Scent: Slight scent of bergamot
* Fit: No slit, but fit pretty well. Tip of the nose a bit short

* Adhered really well, didn't dry out too fast
* Essence: Slightly tacky, essence is just enough and not dripping
* Overall I can see a slight brightening effect, though my skin last night wasn't so dull, so it might be more pronounced on other people. This mask did left my skin soft and hydrated, although it didn't last too long.
* Verdict: 4/5 
Will purchase if the price is reasonable.

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