Jerlynn'L x The Butterfly Project Malaysia 4th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Butterflies! Cake from Wondermilk
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The Butterfly Project Malaysia turns 4! The Butterfly Project is a community of beauty and lifestyle bloggers in Malaysia, and together we create new contents and network with each others. For this year birthday party, there will be two parties to celebrate the new milestone. The first party is co-hosted by Jerlynn'L, which is a natural head to toe body care brand, and took place at Hello Deer Party Space in Damansara. Hello Deer is a party space just above Wondermilk Damansara, who catered us with all the good food that day.

Hello Deer!
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We're greeted by the arrays of all Jerlynn'L products
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The theme was garden party and the dress code was yellow with a flower crown. I wore a light yellow skirt paired (which look so washed out it looks white smh) with a white top and got my baby breath flower crown specifically made by an IG store called Floretika (super recommended, the flowers are fresh and the crown is neatly made). 

Everyone was so pretty with brightly colored dress and gorgeous flower crowns to match their dresses. All the yellow ensembles light up the room even though the weather wasn't so great that day. Some even go extra length and serve how to slay a party lesson that day!

I swear that skirt is light yellow!
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Look at Belle and Maleficient stealing all the limelight lol
We were greeted by the maroon boxes tied with yellow ribbons on the table, and it is quite a sight, it looks like Santa came early and decided be bright and mellow.

Look how pretty everyone is!
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Jerlynn'L representative, Chin Yee
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Mamasan aka Tammy Lim. Forever grateful to her

The party is hosted by Dee Leonard of Deelicious blog - go check out his site, it's just so soothing. After a short opening speech by Butterfly Project's Mamasan, Tammy Lim herself and a short brand introductory by Jerlynn'L representative, we were allowed to unbox the gift. Inside is full to brim with Jerlynn'L products, which I listed below:

  • Signature Collection Body Wash  (Plants & Herbs Extract) 500mL
  • Hair Wash Scalp Care (Fragrance Free) 300mL
  • Signature Collection Hair Conditioner & Detangler (Plants Extract) 500mL
  • Signature Collection Daily Moisture Lotion (Plants & Herbs Extract) 100mL
  • Face Moisture Soothing Cream (Botanical Extracts, USDA Organic) 50mL
  • Bug No More 180 mins (Herbs Extract) 100mL


Courtesy of Jerlynn'L. I can smell how wonderful they are right after I opened the box

The products that I got are mostly from the Signature Collection that contain ceramide III (4x more than other products in the market) to help attract and retain moisture in skin as well as improve skin elasticity. There are two body wash in the collection (Plants & Herbs Extract, Fruit & Vege), 2 hair wash, 1 body lotion (Plants & Herbs Extract), 1 hair conditioner (Plant Extracts), and 1 special care product. The labels are colored coded to guide young children on the usage; blue for body, green for hair and red means to use the product under adult supervision.  I noticed that most of their products are made in Korea (the face moisturizer are made in France)), so you can be assured that their quality isi top notch. 

2 of the body washes in the Signature Collection

Jerlynn'L is a body care brand created by a father who wanted to protect his children from harmful chemicals in inferior products. Jerlynn'L is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and color coded for children while being gentle on their skin. Therefore, there is no preservative, coloring, SLS, paraben and even artificial fragrance that might irritate sensitive skin. The materials for Jerlynn'L products are under strict control - from source to production. Since it's formulated with gentle plant extracts, high grade essential oils and is basically goodness in a bottle, it's suitable for everyone in the family. 

We were allowed to get intimate (lol) and sniffed the items that we just got. Everything smells heavenly (I love herb-y scents FYI) and the Plants and Herb extract Body Wash smells exactly like Lush Shower Jelly in Woosh, due to the Rosemary and Citrus oil in it. I was quite surprised that none of the products contain any additional fragrances because they smell so good. We were also given the Ice Cream air freshener that looks like an ice cream in a pretty organza sachet.

Smells so good! Excuse my serious testing face!
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That's how happy I am when I saw that big brown box!
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After that we feast on the scrumptious spread while mingling around. Although the electricity were out suddenly halfway of the event, it didn't dampened our spirits and we still mingled around with all the new and old faces. I finally met other bloggers that was behind the blogs and instagram that I follow plus discovered others that are so brilliant too.

All the yums!
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Dessert bar!

I ate two! No ragrets!

Before the party ended, Dee announced the winners of best dressed, and of course the Maleficient and Belle won, but I was so surprised that they picked me as one of those winners as well because 1) I dressed like Maleficient's slave and 2) there were so many others with all the perfect ensembles! I am still grateful and truly honored to bring home more Jerlynn'L products though. In the Best Dressed box, I got: 

  • 4x Complimentary Jerlynn'L Hand Paraffin Treatment vouchers (worth RM107 each)
  • 4x Complimentary Shizens Eyebrow Trimming Service vouchers (worth RM49 each)
  • Jerlynn'L Signature Body Wash (Fruits & Veges Extract) 500mL
  • Jerlynn'L Signature Hair Wash (Plants & Herbs Extract) 500mL
  • Jerlynn'L Hair Conditioner and Detangler (Plants Extracts) 100mL
Thank you Jerlynn'L and Chin Yee!
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With the other winners. I swear I'm not that big I was just standing a bit too in front >.<
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All the goodies from Jerlynn'L!

Before we went our ways, we took more pictures, and I promised myself to stay connected to this beautiful community bonded by our love of blogging. And I also promised myself to get home quickly and try out Jerlynn'L Body Wash and Hair Care!

If you don't want to wait for my next post on how I'm very impressed with Jerlynn'L products, go get them yourself at the nearest Jerlynn'L outlet! For now until 14th May, you can purchase Mother's Day Limited Edition Gift Set and get free membership and personalized photo album! The gift set consists of: 

  1. 1x Signature Body Wash 500mL
  2. 1x Signature Hair Wash 500mL 
  3. 1x Daily Moisture Lotion 100mL
  4. 1x Hair Conditioner & Detangles 100mL
  5. 2x Aroma Stone Sachet
  6. Sugar Can
  7. Bread Case
  8. Scarf
All of these are worth RM715, but you can get them at only RM228 at Jerlynn'L MidValley Megamall or SkyAvenue Mall, Genting.

You can also enjoy 20% off with purchase of any normal price items and experience Hand Paraffin Treatment (worth RM107) by showing unique code (JerlynnL17) to their personal care consultant at Jerlynn'L outlet. 

For now, I'll go and have some happy shower moment with Jerlynn'L!

For more info, please visit Jerlynn'L Facebook page or their website.


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