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Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Review

I was given the chance to try out the new Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer recently. I was actually excited to try out this new gadget because I do use a personal electric trimmer for a quick touch up on my unibrow and upper lip stache. Currently I'm using a Philips Personal trimmer that I had been using for more than 2 years, and I had misplaced the brow comb that it came with, so I am hoping that the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer will live up to the same level as my Philips. The Veet Sensitive Touch claimed that hair trimming will be quick and gentle without any cuts, and precise with the accessories (attachments that it came with).

The trimmer is packaged in a clamshell plastic packaging with perforated lines, so no scissors is needed when you open it yay! Apart from the trimmer, the kit includes the 2 exchangeable trimmer heads, a styler cap for the face trimmer head, 2 comb attachments for the heads, a cleaning brush, a battery, a manual and a pouch. The face trimmer is 2 sided, one is 16mm while the other side is 6mm, supposedly for optimal eyebrow shaping. Likewise, the comb attachment for the facial hair trimmer also has 2 side for trimming different hair length uniformly (2mm and 4mm). The trimming head for bikini areas is 20mm, which is about the size of your regular shaving razor. I would like to note that it is much lighter than my Philips personal trimmer.

As a body hair trimmer, I do like how it trim my body hairs uniformly. Since it's a trimmer and not a razor, it does not cleanly shave your body hair, but rather trim it quite close to the skin, which I don't mind at all because regrowth itchiness especially on your bikini areas sucks. I would give and A on that department.

Body hair trimmer head

Body hair trimmer head with comb attachment

To attach, make sure that both dots aligned

Before: Hairy arm

After: Trimmed, not clean shaven but great for quick touch up

Weirdly, the facial hair trimmer heats up after I turned it on for a while. Therefore, I did not use it straight on my face for too long because it does feel irritating. For what I can see (for that short time) I feel that my Philips trimmed my stray brow hairs closer to the skin. I will try to reach out to Veet and see if indeed I got a bad batch and it's not how it was built. When it was paired with the facial comb attachment however, it works so well on trimming my brow hair length (I used the 4mm one). To trim your brows hair length using the comb attachment, just attach the comb on the facial trimmer head and comb your brows upwards. You'll notice that your brow hairs will magically be more uniform in length!

Attached with the facial hair trimmer head and its acessories

Two sided trimmer

2 sided comb attachment

For storage, cap it with the styler cap to keep it from the elements

2 exchangeable head trimmer. So convenient!

I love the pouch and the cleaning brush idea too, as it allows me to keep everything in one place, especially for travel purpose (remember my missing Philips comb attachment?). Overall, apart from the facial hair trimmer head failure, I do feel that the trimmer is a decent personal trimmer for the price. it's quick, it's painless, and it does work (remember, it's not an electric shaver!).

I will not retire my Philips yet as I still like that old guy for my brows and 'stache, but I will keep the Veet around for my body hair trim and to keep my brow hair length uniform.

Product is provided by Veet Malaysia for my consideration and honest review. All opinions formed and written here are solely my own. 


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