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Althea Romantic Beauty Box: Unboxing, Swatch and First Impression

I've been eyeing the Althea Boxes since they launched it in October 2016. I've been waiting until I finally got my first paycheck, but when Althea decided to let me try one of their boxes, I didn't hesitate to say yes!

If you still have no idea what an Althea Boxes is, first, let me say that... giiiirllll you're missing out on the best deal in town! Althea Box is a curated box full of K-beauty products handpicked by the mermaids and pixies from Althealand. Each month they will release 2-3 boxes which can be either the Althea Box or the Trend Box. The Althea Box has a theme tied to it while items in the Trend Box are based on the hottest trend in Korea right now. 

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I feel like the best part of the deal other than the major savings of moolah is that there is no subscription required. You get what is advertised and nothing less so there won't be fear of getting something that you will not like or under the value of what you paid. Furthermore, you'll be getting 6-12 full sized products, which, although I do love miniatures, I will definitely get more value with full sized items. However, the boxes are limited edition, therefore, if you missed out on one collection, they will not be restocking it anymore (Still crying because I missed their Mermaid Box T.T). More info about this beauty box can be found here

I was given the chance to try one of the Althea Box, called Romantic Box (Love is All About Timing). In this box, I received:

  • Nature Republic Real Fresh Rose Petal Moisture Mask
  • Tony Moly Face Mix Primer Color Cushion: #01 Lavender
  • Aritaum Sugarball Cushion Blusher: #4 Juicy Peach
  • Hope Girl Magic Long Long Lash Mascara
  • Chica Y Chico Matt Lip : #Josephine
  • Calmia Perfume in Hand Cream: # Cherry Blossom
  • It's Skin Mangowhite Body Mist
  • With Shyan Nail Polish # Shower
Content of the box (Credit:

I finally got around to try all of them, so I will include my swatches and first impressions for each of them below:

Nature Republic Real Fresh Rose Petal Moisture Mask

This mask is probably the most luxurious item in the box. The packaging is so pretty and the container I believe is an opaque glass (and so heavy too!). The scent of the mask is also heavenly. Since it's made of real rose petals, it smells like you're in a rose garden too! Absolutely luscious. The texture is quite runny with real flecks of rose petals in it. I am reminded of a much expensive rose mask by Fresh (RM255, Sephora) from the texture and scent alone, so I was excited to see a dupe from Nature Republic.

Look at that real rose petals!

I applied this mask after my double cleansing for about 10 minutes. It did plump up my skin and minimize my pores while giving me a slight brightening effect. My skin also felt fresher, definitely ready for makeup and a night out! I recommend using a mask brush to get an even application because this mask is quite runny.

compulsory selfie lol

Althea unfortunately is yet to sell this mask individually, so one way to try it out is by buying this box! :P

Tony Moly Face Mix Primer Color Cushion #01 Lavender

This product actually exceeded my expectation. I wasn't buying into the whole color correcting trends lately but was amazed with the result - here's an example of how this box helped me to try new things! The Face Mix Primer Color Cushion looks like your ordinary bb cushion, except that it housed a color correcting base.

Tony Moly released 3 types of this cushion; Lavender, Mint and Peach. The one that I received from the box is the Lavender, and it works by brightening yellow and sallow (lol it rhymes) skin tone. My skin is really yellow, and looking for a foundation especially from Asian Beauty realm is quite hard.

Left: with primer
Right: without primer

I know it look ridiculously light in the picture here but that was before I apply foundation on top! I promise it won't look so clownish afterwards. I tested this cushion with Etude House Double Lasting Foundation in Amber (which is a little pinker than my skin tone) and voila, they matched perfectly. I noticed that my skin looked even and lively. It also works like your regular primer and made my foundation lasted a little while longer as my foundation stayed 2 hours longer than usual with this primer underneath.

Applied foundation on top

This color correcting primer also is SPF 50+++, which is perfect for extra protection from the sunlight, although I still believe that using a proper sunscreen is the way to go. However, it's good to have the reassurance that if I forgot my sunscreen, the primer will offer me some protection.

Do note that I do support loving your own skin tone that you're born with, but if you're looking for non-invasive, short term solution for lighter skin tone, you can use the primer to achieve what you're looking for.

Again, Althea have yet to sell this color correcting cushion individually (which I think they should because I will definitely repurchase). 

Aritaum Sugarball Cushion Blusher: #4 Juicy Peach

Since the cushion blusher is quite small (slightly smaller than a traditional bb cushion), it is a great way to touch up on the go as it is compact.  I was actually expecting a more traditional cushion format blusher, but apparently, this blusher is actually a cream blusher with an air puff, which actually make sense. I would not have to use a separate sponge or use my fingers (1. unhygienic, 2. getting cream blusher under your fingernails is the worst).


Product is easily picked up by the applicator

I love this color! I do love cool toned blushers, but warm coral will always have a special place in my vanity table. The color reminded of my old Chanel cream blush (#69 Intonation) although I do like the Aritaum formula more as it doesn't get powdery when you try to blend it in.

How it looks closed up

The blusher is quite pigmented as you will only need one or two dab on the cream blusher for both of your cheek. As I said earlier, it is not powdery nor too creamy until it glides around. The air puff did a great job in picking up enough product as well as blending the blusher (I made sure to use the clean area of the puff to blend the product so that I won't build up the pigmentation :) )

Didn't show up very well in pic but it's actually quite natural against my skin tone (yes I'm lying down because my room lighting sucks

This blusher is RM37 on Althea, but currently only #2 Milk Coral is available individually.

Hope Girl Magic Long Long Lash Mascara

Hope Girl seems to be quite popular among Malay beauty community recently, so I've heard of this mascara before. After reading the description, I realized that it's actually a tubing mascara! If you haven't heard of tubing mascara, it's those kind that coat your eyelashes form a tube around your individual lashes so that it can be easily removed with lukewarm water but still sweatproof and you can rub your eyes without the worry of your mascara smudging.


It does help my short stubby lashes gain some length and suitable for those with medium length lashes. It is also perfect for a really hot day out as it will stay on my lashes all day. It is not clumpy and lightweight, though it will harden a bit on your lashes.

close-up (look at those fibers)

Left: with mascara
Right: without mascara

One coat difference
Left : with mascara
Right: without mascara
I love that it is not clumpy and separated my lashes individually

This mascara is also still not sold on Althea's website, but they do stock other affordable and great mascara from other brands. I personally would like to try the Missha 4D mascara, because it is super cheap and I heard that it works really well on asian lashes too.

Chica Y Chico Matt Lip : #Josephine

I was expecting a traditional matte liquid lipstick, but the finish is more satin than matte. It does not dry fully, so if your lips are dry you won't have any problem with this lipstick, as it is quite moisturizing. The formula is quite good too since it's not patchy and pigmented. The long pointed straight applicator will also help guide you to get a precise application. The shade is also a really pretty pinky nude shade that will flatter any skin tone, though I love to use some red lipstick or tint in the middle of my lips to make it more flattering. I think I should note that the lipstick is not kissproof, but your lips will look so luscious :P

I should note that it dries matte and faded after a few hours of application.

Gorgeous nude lip that flatters any skin tone

Chica Y Chico Matt Lip Mat Fix lipsticks are available in 3 colors and can be bought at RM33 on Althea individually.

Calmia Perfume in Hand Cream: # Cherry Blossom

They were not joking when they name this hand cream Perfume in Hand Cream because it literally is that. The scent is quite strong, but lovely. It smells really floral without giving me any headache, and lingers for quite a long time - longer than any other hand cream that I had used, not that I'm complaining. The texture is like a lotion, and spread easily. However, it is really emollient and moisturizing, perfect for keeping your hands soft and hydrated as well as smelling fresh therefore, you can hold hands all day without worrying!

Absorbs like a lotion

This is another product that you can only get through the Althea beauty box, so if it runs out, just pray that the pixies and mermaid sell it again individually!

It's Skin Mangowhite Body Mist

Another hidden gems! I love body mist, and I have countless of them. But this one smells like mangosteen - so fruity and bubbly! The best thing is that it cools your body when you spritz it on, and with the compact and slim size, you can just pack it into your handbag. The mist is so versatile too as you can use it to give some fruity scent to your hair, clothes, room and even car. I even pack this body mist when I go to work for a little pick me up during lunch.

Fine mist spray nozzle

This body mist is also not for sale on Althea's website, but as always, I do wish they restock this in the future because I will repurchase once I finished this bottle!

With Shyan Nail Polish in Shower

I got the Shower shade out of the 3 random colors that I might get from the box. I will usually not go for blue shade as usually it does not flatter my skintone, but I do think this shade made me look softer. I think using this nail color paired with a more pastel nude will look perfect for a romantic date.

Formula wise, with shyan nail polish gave me a full coverage without having to layer so many coats. It took me 2 coats to get a fully opaque and even application, and it does not chip very easily too. It dries fully under 10 minutes, and I didn't notice very strong foul smell emanating from it like some nail polish do.

Compulsory vain selfie

I am currently looking at other colors that With Shyan offered, as one bottle only costs RM14 on Althea, but with qualities that match more expensive and popular nail polish.

I am now ready for a date out! I just need to tell my boyfriend that I'm ready lol - seriously this box made me do my makeup in under 10 minutes!

That's it! We're ready to go!

Overall, I think its very worth it as you will get a lot of stuff that other Althea customers can't even buy individually. They all worth about RM514, but, you can get them in the Althea Romantic Box for just RM117! That means you're only paying for about RM15 for each product. I can safely say that I am hooked to Althea's Beauty Box, and I might be purchasing another Beauty Box in the future!

Althea Romantic Box is still on Althea's website and you can get it here for RM117.



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  2. Wah betul2 guna ni... Have tried Althea Body Set ... goood product


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