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The Butterfly Project Malaysia 2016 Christmas Cupcake Party

On 18 December, I got to join other Malaysian beauty and lifestyle blogger to celebrate the end of 2016 in a party hosted by the Butterfly Project Malaysia. For those who doesn't know, Butterfly Project, founded by Ms Tammy Lim is a blogging community to bring both brands and bloggers together. I heard of the Butterfly Project a couple of years ago, but since I was in the US, I couldn't join in the fun. Blogging alone without a network is a very hard work, you have no support system and you're not under the radar of both brands and readers. Although I just started this blog, thanks to the Butterfly Project community and a few other blogging community on the Facebook, I have high hope for this blog to flourish.

Wondermilk Publika
Image credit: Yuri from @eyemonstahyuri 
All decorated for the party

The party was held at Wondermilk Publika, and before I went to the party I got to buy my favorite Ginger Ale (the Bruce Cost one!, they tasted wonderful like a spicy bubbly drink). I got there quite early, and was afraid that it will be a fairly awkward experience, but once the party commence, it wasn't awkward at all. Everyone was so friendly and I don't even feel like a stranger there. Upon registration we were give goodie bags with items curated by Ms Tammy Lim and from our sponsors, Canmake and Althea to be reviewed (stay tuned!)

Goodies from Althea x The Butterfly Project

Goodies from Canmake

 Althea's magical box

Image credit: Yuri from @eyemonstahyuri 

The food spread was incredible and so delicious, the cupcakes and the cake were absolutely phenomenal. There goes my sugar-free diet lol.



It's as good as it looks

We exchanged names and have some chats before it's time to exchange gifts.We had to ask each other names to get the right person, so it really brought us together. Before we go home, we were briefed on the items given. It was truly a wonderful gathering, I felt so welcomed in this community and will be forever grateful to call myself that I am a part of them. Here's to the beginning to a more wonderful journey for this blog!

Image credit: Yuri from @eyemonstahyuri 



  1. Looks like a lot of fun. The decorations and food are colorful.

  2. That looks so much fun! Too bad i didnt get to go :( Well, to more events to hope that i'll bump into you one day :D

  3. Last year Christmas end with a wonderful meal and gift. Looking forward for this year Christmas. hehe


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