Innisfree Long Wearing Cushion in N31 Review

One of the products that I got from 2nd Inniversary Bestie Contest is the Innisfree Custom My Cushion in Red Polka Dots (Design #58). I've been wanting to try Innisfree Cushion, specifically the Long Wearing variant because they come in more shades than the two to three shades (13, 21 and 23) that a typical Korean brand offers. You know when you're darker than MAC NC20, trying out cushions from Korean brands can be quite frustrating.

 The cushion case is RM33 each, Polyethylene applicator (ruby cell puff) is RM9 and the cushion refill is RM55 each.
lol my applicator is dirty

This will be my second cushion experience, I had tried a Laneige one when they started to be sold at Target and I do like the formula although the Medium shade is a tad too light for me.

Innisfree at this moment (at least in Malaysia) carries 5 shades; N13, N21, N23, N27 and N31. The shade N31 matches my NC30-NC35 skin nicely. My skin tone as expected is much yellower, but it does not make my skin grey or anything. Unfortunately shade N31 is the darkest shade they offer so if you're darker than me you're still out of luck. I still hope Korean brand will realize that they need to carry more than 3-5 shades because I consider myself medium-tan, and there's still people with deeper skin tone that would like to try cushions and BB creams.

It's much lighter when applied than it appears on the cushion

Left: no cushion - Right: cushion blended; you can see how it settles in lines

 I have a love-hate relationship with this cushion formula. It sinks in every fine lines. It is not patchy in my opinion, but it just make your lines and pores quite visible. I tried using Benefit Porefessional primer but it only helps a little. At times, I do like my skin texture, and appreciate how this cushion formula just even out my skin tone but still look natural enough. It does not look that cute in high definition picture, but looks quite good in real life and selfies. The application is much faster than regular foundation, though blending the bb cushion under my eye is a hassle. I usually will switch to my Pony Pebble Blender Sponge to help me with that area. I also use Innisfree No Sebum Blur Powder on top of the bb cushion to help set the powder and I found that it also help with the pores and lines that were previously exaggerated.

Looking flat without other face makeup

Most of foundation that I use will oxidize, which I think is caused by my skin do to oiliness. It does not oxidize that much, so I really like that. The formula of the bb cushion does not separate on my skin and gave me a medium coverage that does brighten my skin a little bit and gives me a dewy look. It does look a little flat and runs a bit yellow without other face makeup (blush, bronzer, highlighter) so I always use a little bit of rouge or leftover lipstick on the apple of my cheek to look alive.

Iphone front face quality, with full face makeup

This bb cushion last me about 5-6 hours before fading around my forehead and upper lips (where I sweat the most), which is decent. Overall, Innisfree Long Wearing BB Cushion is fairly decent and affordable for daily and casual use with the help of other products especially the No Sebum Blur Powder. With a limited selection of bb cushion shades from other brands, I think I will repurchase this bb cushion until I found a better replacement.


  1. i understand your frustration coz am also have tam complexion and no.23 is isn't for me. I only use it as highlighter, lol.


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