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Butterfly Project X Dolly Wink Christmas Dessert Party & 10 Secs Easy Lash Intro!

            I am not a person who will wear false lashes, but when Butterfly Project announced their collaboration with Dolly Wink for the Christmas Dessert Party and that we will be discovering Dolly Wink 10th Anniversary Special Product and learning how to put on falsies, I knew I have to be there.

When I arrived at KAKIYUKI at Plaza 163 Mont Kiara, most of the butterflies had filled in the venue already, but I got lucky to get a great table with butterflies that I met before at previous events!

Photos from Butterfly Project

While waiting, we got the chance to savor various type of Japanese desserts, from the matcha and hojicha roll cakes, daifukumochi,  warabimochi and caramel pudding! You can get all these at their outlets, so it's not just kakigori that's served there!
Photos from Butterfly Project

Photos from Butterfly Project

Photos from Butterfly Project

Photos from Butterfly Project

Photos from Butterfly Project

Me getting desserts with my messy powerbank cable.
 Photos from Butterfly Project

Before I let you know my first impression of trying out the star product, the 10 Seconds Easy Lash, here's a TLDR on the new product:

In our goodie bag, we were given selections of Koji eye makeup products as well as 4 out of 16 types of the new Easy Lash.

everything in the goodie bag + monkey scarf from Tammy!

Packaged clearly so you can see the lashes

I chose to try out number 16, Round Curl type. The spine is thin and flexible, and since I'm new, it did take me few tries to get it right. But it was not really hard though and very comfortable to wear. The length is not too dramatic, so it's really beginner friendly and great to use for daily wear (It's super lightweight too!)

Proof I wasn't stressed (:P I have rbf ok, it can't be helped)
Photos from Butterfly Project

My right with lashes vs left with none. It's so natural!

Here are all the types of the lashes and their descriptions:


For dinner/dating (Reddish Pink/Peachy Orange boxes)

01: Natural Long
Naturally blends with own lashes for longer lash effect.  Tail point

02: Daily Beige
Soft type lashes with beige color makes effortless eyes. Tail point

09: Gorgeous Eyes
Voluminous lashes with curls make your eyes gorgeous. Tail point

10: Smart Eyes
Effortless volumes of lashes make you look so sweet. Tail point

For casual/work (Bright Yellow/Green boxes)

03: Airy
Lightweight and extra-fine lashes brings you pure eyes.  Tail point

04: Casual
Randomly and short lashes for natural looking eyes. Tail point

11: Feminine Brown
Mix color brown x black eyelash towards the tail end brings soft and sweet impressions. Tail point

12: Curl Brown
Mix color brown x black with effortless curls for bright eyes effect. Tail point

For event/photogenic (Blue/Bluish Green boxes)

05: Wide
Wider eyes effect with longer lashes towards tail end.  Tail point

06: Voluminous
Individual finer lash adds natural-looking thickness on your own lashes. Tail point

13: Blue Tail
Mix color blue x black for cool and handsome look. Tail point

14: Holiday Pink
Mix color pink x black performs like lash extensions to blend with own lashes.  Looks so happy!. Tail point

For holiday/party (Purple boxes)

07: Actress Volumes
Separate and straight lashes add glossy volumes on your own lashes like actress. Tail point

08: Eyes Emphasis
Voluminous lashes positioned to emphasis black pupil for cute look. Center point

15: Party Purple
Mix color purple x black performs like lash extensions to blend with own lashes.  Looks so smart! Tail point

16: Round Curl
Perfectly curled and longer lashes appears your eyes round and bigger for cute look. Center point

Aren't they so fun to just try all the looks? I definitely am really intrigued with the colored ones, they add a pop of color even without elaborate makeup.

Photos from Butterfly Project

While waiting for the Koji Honpo reps to choose their winner (oh did I mention it was an eye makeup contest? :P) my table shared kakigoris from KAKIYUKI. 2 person can share one Kakigori, so our table (4 of us) decided to share the 2 Christmas limited edition kakigori, Chocolate Mint Kakigori and Blackcurrant Custard Kakigori.

Order also high tech ok
Photos from Butterfly Project


They're both so delicious! but my favorite is the Blackcurrant Custard because I love berries! Look how pretty they are!

The party ends with the announcing of Best Makeup Contest Winner and Best Dressed! Mamasan even gave us a really cute cozy monkey scarf as Christmas gift! Thank you!

I wanna come againnnnn 

The event was short, but really really fun! I made friends, meet familiar faces, get to try good desserts (yums!) and really warm the heart for the holiday season.

Photos from Butterfly Project

Now excuse me while I go practice my false eyelashes skill! P/S: Get RM10 voucher if you download 4allbeauty app, then can go buy the lashes edi. Limited time only! Don't say I never jio!


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