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New Althea Korea A'bloom Brow Wow Review

Got the chance to try Althea Korea new A’bloom Brow Wow  (0.18g) from the last Coachella event. The eyebrow pencils are surprisingly beginner friendly, and it plays well no matter if you’re blessed in the brow department or not.

Credit: Althea Korea

With few easy steps, you'll get an easy natural brows

1. Shape your brows with your choice of shade, match it with your hair! 
2. Fill in sparse area, go light on the beginning of the brows, and dark at the end for that trendy look
3. Brush with the spool to blend everything together, the pigments are easy to wipe off if it's too much before it sets.
4. Go back and make sure everything is filled and blended! 

They come in 3 shades that are asian-hair friendly; dark brown, soft brown and grey brown. Although the difference of the shades are not that big, but the tones are something I’m really impressed with (nobody wants a too warm eyebrows on their face). 

The pencil tip is triangular shaped, which I thought will make it too pigmented or “thick” but it draws on hairlike strokes well. It’s not too hard or too buttery, just nice for a beginner (and pro alike) to learn how much pressure should be applied to get the right amount of pigment. The end has a big spool that you can use to brush and blend your brows, so it will look natural, especially from the head of the brows.

My favorite shade is def grey brown! Followed by dark brown. But if you have a warmer brownish hair, soft brown would be good choice!

Me wearing Abloom Brow Wow in Soft Grey

On my sweaty brows this does not last all day, but a good 5-7hrs. I don’t mind reapplying because it’s very easy to use 😍 Plus the price is super affordable so I definitely will recommend this if you're looking for a new brow pencil!


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