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La Mer X Sorrenti Launch

I got lucky to be able to RSVP to La Mer X Sorrenti Launch on the 31st October! There were workshops and demos and more importantly, the elusive La Mer Samplesss

Really, the only reason I went there is because I really really want to try La Mer, but I am scared to give the SA hope that I'm going to buy the creams because they are so luxuriously price tagged. Kudos to the staff there that treat me just like other people, I was probably imagining the worst when they are the nicest people on earth.

Apart from the nice photos exhibition from Mr Sorrenti and his daughter, the limited edition packaging of La Mer also featured one of the artworks. It's super super pretty and instagrammable.

To make that point, they had an flatlay workshop and you can print out the photo as well as get some tokens to play with the claw machine, total token I got that day was around 5 I think.

From the demonstration, I learnt how to use La Mer, and the differences of their creams, they actually has different types of cream from cooling gel to the iconic creme de la mer to suit different people's preference and skin type. Next I went to the makeup demonstration and had the chance to learn quite a number of makeup tricks. You can mix moisturizer and lipstick to get a dewy cream blush!

I brought back a lifting gel mask from the claw machine, and creme de la mer and cleansing gel together with some great experience from La Mer. Thanks so much for having me there!


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