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KRAVE Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser Review

I think at this point everyone knows that Krave Beauty is founded by Liah Yoo, one of the most prominent AB skincare youtubers to date. I recently had the chance to try their Matcha Hemp Cleanser which already has a steady follower for all the good reason! - @seoyubi keep telling me to try this cleanser because she loves it so much lol

This low pH cleanser (pH 5-6) is super hydrating without any harsh sulfates - see ingredients above, the packaging is in korean, I wish the ingredients are written in English at least. According to EWG, the cleanser is super low risk/ very safe but they do have some ingredients that can trigger fungal acne (according to skincarisma). Otherwise the other key ingredients are chock full of benefits and skin barrier + hydration boosts

The consistency is gel-like, and faintly smells like matcha/herbal. It’s not as sudsy, kinda like fresh soy cleanser if you’d try that one? My skin does feel soft and clean, but I doubt it can remove makeup so I use this as a second cleanser and morning cleanser

Apart from being hydrating, my skin doesn’t feel tight at all. The weird thing is that I feel minty around my mouth lol but it’s kinda refreshing so I don’t mind at all. Overall I understand why the cleanser has lots of fans, I heard complaints that low pH cleanser can be drying especially on dry skin, but the Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser does not strip away your skin natural moisture.

This cleanser is sent to me by Shikin from @thewhitecamelliashop , if you haven’t follow her shop yet, you’re missing out a lot! The cleanser will now be a readystock item at thewhitecamellia, so no more waiting for several weeks for this baby if you’re in Malaysia (I do think she ship worldwide too, can ask her directly). I ordered from her before and all my packages comes wrapped cutely and secure, I forgot to take photo but if you saw my IG story last time it’s like opening a present 😍. Do follow her IG to get more updates!

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