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Butterfly Coachella Party! - A Day to Party with Hearty Party & More!

Last month (28 Sept to be exact) I was honored to be celebrated Coachella-style with other Butterflies at Hearty Party, Shah Alam together with other brands as well. First and foremost, thanks Mamasan Tammy for organizing such wonderful night for us. We <3 you! It's a bit hard to chronicle everything, so I'm gonna highlight one by one of everything that was happening that night!

Hearty Party

Credit: Eros Si 

Our venue, Hearty Party is a wonderful 3 storey high building that is designed for everything celebration. You can rent event spaces, party props, furniture, and even join their art workshop (check their Facebook for new workshop updated regularly!). The place is huge, and each corner have their own charm and propped with event needs; you can easily display your products, have fun with friends, instagrammable and totally will blow anyone's mind for that "event of the year" spot.

My favorite spot in Hearty Party is definitely the "picnic-style" space where you can eat with your friends under the moonlight. It's totally covered, so don't worry about the weather!.

I also tried their art jamming - we got to paint our own selected fruit from the guide, I chose kiwi. Ms Yana is an absolute sweetheart while guiding us in the room, all fully equipped with things needed for arts and creativity so if you ever come here for their art workshop, you'll be in good hands!

Tagbooth Party Photobooth

Once we stepped into the venue, the first thing to do is definitely to commemorate the day by taking pictures! Thanks to Tagbooth, we can choose to either print a still photo or get a bounce style gif sent straight to our emails. Tagbooth backdrop were so fun and glam, and you can even choose from the various props that were available. SUPER FUN! there were no 2 photos that are similar with all the props around - funny glasses, pickets, toys, hat; so much fun! The photo and gif quality is also super HD, none of the pixelated stuff to make sure the photo lasts even after the events are long done. The staff are also super friendly and helpful while taking our photos, thanks Tagbooth!

Credit: Eros Si 

Credit: Eros Si 

I got to get a group photo and a solo bounce gif, >.<

Althea Korea

After we're done taking photos downstairs, we were greeted by a wonderland sight full of wonderful brands that were there to celebrate. First up is Althea Korea, that always came through with all their korean beauty selections. This time, Althea let all of us play and get close to their newest in-house brand called A'bloom (I talked about A'bloom here). The best thing is that they also brought their newest Eyebrow Pencils called Brow Wow (I reviewed them here!) so I had fun trying them out - I've been eyeing them since they were released!

The displays are super cute, each boxes captured the essence of what each of their product resembles/key ingredient - just showing how cute is the A'bloom line. Althea also generously gave us a box of Althea's in house products, including my fave Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway Sunscreen (read why I love it here!)

Curmudgeon's Brew Cold Brew Coffee

At the carnival booths set up, I also discovered cold brew coffee blend and unsweetened chocolate milk from Curmudgeon's Brew Cold Brew Coffee. I recently connected with coffee again (I don't drink lots but enough to appreciate) and Curmudgeon's Brew ticked all the right boxes for me. I opted for the Vanilla flavor (although the Peanut Butter sounds great, you don't get that flavor often) and it taste just like the one from expensive cafes. Curmudgeon's Brew only use fresh Jersey milk, so I guess it contributed to the premium flavor. Do check out their IG to see all other options that they offer!

Credit: Eros Si 

Signature Market Healthy Snacks

One of the booths there is the Signature Market and I was so excited to see them around! You see, I've been tempted to try them so many times but every time I will not go through and opt for a chocolate bar instead (true story). I also didn't know they have other products and not just nuts and snacks. Do you know they have an awesome smelling plant based hand wash and essential oils? because I don't until then. I got to try 3 types of their nut mixes and a hand wash, and I've gobbled down all the snacks, no regrets because they're healthy right? >< The nuts are definitely better than store bought ones, you can taste how fresh and flavorful they are. I'll definitely convinced now that they're the guys if you're looking to upgrade your snacking habits.

Credit: Eros Si 

AvantGarde Blooms

Me and the other butterflies are no stranger to Avantgarde Blooms, the arrangement and the floral choice are definitely not your typical next door florists but still looks heavenly. If you're looking for a unique arrangement with rare flower breeds, Avantgarde is your friend. We got the chance to bring home a single stalk bouquet of rose, and I chose the really romantic pastel pink rose, I can't believe they're real! I really love their rustic and simple vibe. AvantGarde has more choices from the fluffy peony to heavenly ranunculus, you'll be spoiled for choice!

Credit: Eros Si 

Credit: Eros Si 

Voir Gallery Malaysia

I'm so stoked that Voir (pronounced Vo-wa) were there too! I know that they provide trendy outfits at affordable price, but super surprised that their bags and accessories were equally affordable too. Under RM100, you can get a really sturdy and well-made bag that look like a million bucks. I love bags especially the cheap ones (but well made of course!) so these are definitely a really wonderful surprise to me (tell you how out of loop I am with the local fashion scene). No Voir outlet nearby? Fret not, they also have an online store!

Credit: Eros Si 

JomParty Catering 

I've been in love with Jom Party food since the last Butterfly event I went! Every single of their dishes are definitely made with love, and they are very creative with the presentation. Last time I fell in love with their delicious (and super gorgeous) cheeseboard spread, and this time it was their colourful sliders that made me squeal with excitement (everyone on my IG agrees that the sliders are too good to be eaten too, they look like they came out of Spongebob Squarepants!). The food is great, bite sized, but enough to be very filling for us that night. Thank you again JomParty for the wonderful buffet spread. 

Lérz' Tea & Coffee Fruit Tea

I have to admit that I've never heard of Lerz before but was completely pleased that the Fruit Tea served is totally my jam! They served two type of tea, passion fruit and grapefruit, and I chose grapefruit, and it's super nice, I wish I have a bottomless cup. The staff is so nice and the fruits used are definitely very fresh, you can taste the bursting of the fruit flavor in your tea. I'll definitely will go and try the other flavor if I visit Lerz :)

Credit: Eros Si 

Sid Haizad Yusoff

Our picnic under the moonlight were made more memorable with Sid's heavenly voice serenading us Butterflies. Everyone were having a good time, as Sid is really good in engaging the audience while singing and strumming the guitar (how does one do that??). He is totally talented, and one of our Butterflies (Safinas) even joined Sid for their own rendition of I Love You 3000. 

Credit: Eros Si 

I totally had so much fun and it's so great to meet other Butterflies, and make friends while discovering new brands over some drinks. Thank you so much for Butterfly Project and all the brands friends for making the Coachella party a reality and letting us having the time of our lives. 


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