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Althea A'bloom - New Affordable and Cute Beauty Products from Althea !


Althea A'bloom

A few weeks ago I was sent a box full of Althea new line called A'bloom. A'bloom is another in house brand from the giant K-beauty merchant Althea, and this line "promises to bring an explosion of fun to your beauty routine"! I definitely can see that, especially with the fun and colorful packaging that the little treats are housed in.

Althea A'bloom

The first products are the Meringue Puffs, they are designed just like little meringues! The cushions came in two sizes, Giant (for large area of face, foundation) and Baby (for details and concealer) and both are very squishy. I found that the Baby sized ones are even squishier than the Giant size, and it have easily become my personal favorite as I can stash it easily for travel too.

SQUISHY!!! (Image from Althea Blog)
Althea A'bloom
The Meringue Puffs can be used damp or dry, I preferred to use it damp as it gives me a healthier and sheerer look and the application is much softer and seamless. When damp, the puffs expands (see pic). I used the puffs just like a regular beauty blender. Spread dots of product on my skin, and bounce and dab and blend!

Althea A'bloom
Left: Baby meringue dry, Right: Baby Meringue left

(Tips: Never drag with blender/puff/sponges! You won't be properly blending that way)

Althea A'bloom
Althea A'bloom Sheetmasks

Then come the A'bloom sheet mask, which are so fun and quirky with all the cute illustrations and fun puns! (I'm a sucker for funny puns lol) These are supeeeer affordable! RM2 each!

Don't let the price fool you because the sheetmask is actually very good! The material is thin enough, just like expensive sheet mask (I hate it when sheet mask came very thick and coarse, but that's what you get for skimping on a sheet mask - not anymore with these masks tho!)

The sheet masks are formulated with skin friendly pH (see their info at Althea's page), no alcohol and cruelty free. Although I don't see immediate results except ample hydration, I think it's great for daily/weekly sheet mask session without breaking the bank. My personal favorite is the Water Me Long, it's super hydrating and not sticky and I don't feel like having to moisturize separately with cream.

How it looks like inside (Image from Althea Blog)

The masks also came in other varieties such as Sparkle Me Bright (brightening), AC Me Peach (Anti Blemish) and Avo-Cuddle Me (Nourishing). You can buy 1 or 10 in bundle price at Althea website!

The last one is the BHA Blackhead Blaster, which is a gentle BHA exfoliating stick, the BHA is derived from willow bark and it also contains apricot seed powder (some might not be into physical exfoliation but I can say the addition is pretty mild, so proceed with caution), tea tree extracts and charcoal for detoxifying and controlling excess sebum production.

Twist it open and massage and use! So easy (Image from Althea Blog)

Unfortunately, I'm currently is on differin due to a mild persistent breakout so I can't really use the BHA stick on a long term, I did use it once on my nose and pleasantly surprised with the result. My nose felt squeaky clean!

You just have to twist it open, massage the stick on your affected areas, massage with your fingers in circular motion gently, and rinse!

I do wish to use it more in the future so that I can report better!

Overall, I'm really impressed with the new line, it's so fun and quirky and still wallet friendly. I am looking forward for more of A'bloom goodies just like Althea's other in house brand. :)


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