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Butterfly Project Turns 6! - A Look Back at Butterfly Project Party

Happy belated 6th birthday ! 

The birthday bash party was held at Vilej Damansara. Everyone is donned in pink, nude, green and white just like a prom/chic floral wedding. There were so much going on and I really felt at a fantasy garden. All are thanks to @avantgardebloomsand @theblossomballoons for making the event space came to live with such beautiful floral and balloons arrangements. I don't think I've ever been to an event with so much balloons and flowers <3. And of course mamasan Tammy Lim for making the birthday celebration a success!

We were given a pretty pink corsage and had our name on a placard (on a box of Yves Rocher goodies!) I really like the arrangement, I get to meet and mingle with other bloggers that I didn't get the chance to talk to before. On the table was more goodies and a cupcake and a macaron for each of us. Mamasan even gave us a beautiful soft pink pendant necklace, we even got to blow our own cupcake from @jomparty ahhh it truly feels like it’s really my birthday, except urm fancier? Also that adorable macaron, @macarons.bymadeleinehandrawn each of the macarons with different design! Lol I don’t even celebrate my birthday as fancy as this we’re so spoiled! Really, like coming into the event and finding the table full of gifts, you guys really amazed us and we’re just so thankful to be a part of butterflies.

Anddd where do I start with the food spread from @jomparty?? My favorite is the cheeseboard spread, it’s so instagrammable, and super delicious! (Is it a secret that I love cheese spread?) This is apparently the first time Lydia from @jomparty to do a floral themed spread but LOOK AT IT! The food is so flirty (and of course scrumptious) and just fit any social butterfly (or princess, really!). I just can’t get enough of the selections, I do wished I ate more (ok I had two plates, no shame) but girl need to calm down ok?
Definitely do check out jomparty because Lydia and her team is just soooooo talented. My favorite from the cheeseboard is definitely the cheddar and brie with the cracker. It wasn't too strong but really appetizing. Each of the cocktail glasses also housed a homemade dips like hummus and guacamole. The table also had mini pavlovas, chicken wings, bruschetta, sliders and tarts. Thanks Lydia for such a wonderful and memorable buffet spread.

Joanne Kam made her appearance and soon enough the event is full of laughters and smiles. I love that the event had a mini stand up comedy session! It does make the whole mood and atmosphere lighter. She's also so friendly when we approached her for a selfie or two. If you have the opportunity to see Joanne live, don't pass it! 

We also had the honor of trying our own hands in making flower crown in a workshop conducted by Ms Emi from @avantgardeblooms. Ms Emi is super passionate about her florals and it really shows, we got to learn a few things about the type and the names of the flowers that we can personally choose and incorporate in our flower crown. I’m super satisfied with how my flower crown turns out, I used baby breath, Peonys, lavender and some foliage!.

Coincidentally it’s also one of our sponsors birthday! And they’re also having a floral themed birthday! Happy 60th birthday @yvesrochermyand thank you for the awesome birthday box that was given to each of us! I did try the amazing one drop shower gel (you gonna need a pouf btw) and I love the scent and it does made me feel a little less guilty showering - I actually use bar soap to cut on plastic ☺️ so it’s nice to have another alternative, since the bottle is 100% recyclable. I’m definitely gonna repurchase the shower gel and so estatic to try the other products in the box!

Before we go home, we had the chance to bring home a box of T-Sticks tea. The tea allows you to enjoy a hot tea anywhere you go without any drips or mess or spoon! Just submerge one stick into hot water and use the stick as a spoon and voila. One cup of really good tea! I exchange half of my box with another blogger so I got to bring back Fruity Forest Tea and Earl Favorite's! My fav is the Peach tea and the Fruity Forest hehe. 

Overall I had so much fun at the Birthday Party! Thank you Butterfly Project for providing us with a platform to meet, learn and grow together. I might not be a big blogger, as this is just a side hobby and I'm usually swamped with my main job, but knowing that I am supported by a big family is comforting. Here's hoping for years of success for everyone in Butterfly Project!


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