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One Empty One Newbie! A’pieu Grapefruit Sun Gel SPF42 and Sun Bears Mild Gel SPF35

One empty one newbie!

Empty: A’pieu Grapefruit Sun Gel SPF42
Newbie: Sun Bears Mild Gel SPF35

Finished my second tube of Apieu Sun Gel in Grapefruit! I actually enjoy the scent of this sunscreen, it did wake me up and refreshed me every morning. The finishing is not sticky,but does have a slight sheen. It spreads well without being thick whatsoever and no white cast! The only problem is that this sunscreen is pretty hard to come across, I got mine from KoreaDepart, 2 tubes for 12USD. Replacing this sunscreen with Sun Bears Mild Gel that I bought in Singapore, costed me about 8SGD I think? This sunscreen is watery and spreads well too, and have a cooling/minty sensation and scent to it. It has slightly lower SPF, so it’s great for commuting to office but not really for outside adventure. Both sunscreens does not have alcohol in it. Will I repurchase? Maybe the Apieu Grapefruit Sunscreen if I find them again lol. Or else time to embark on the holy grail journey again!


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