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Reverie Touch Green Tea Fresh Face Mask Review

~My first attempt to make a video please don’t laugh lol~
Guys, my mind is blown! When @reverietouchhq offered me to try their modelling/rubber mask I have no expectation whatsoever. I’ve tried korean brand modelling mask before, and they’re so-so, single use, and not worth it to repurchase but I’m okay to give Reverie Touch a try.

But oh. My. God, the modelling mask itself is so easy to use, smell realllllly nice and fresh (the one I’m using is Green Tea Fresh) and once taken off, my skin is super smooth and soft! What magic is this?? And plus it’s not a single use mask with multi packaging that I feel so wasteful, one pouch can last you a month or two with weekly usage, which sits well with my new low waste philosophy. A+ for that.
The package should come with the mask powder itself, a spatula, a mask brush, a bowl and a sponge housed in a cute ziplock bag, but my bowl broke in transit, so I just used a small cup. Halfway in the video, I actually use the brush and added a little bit more powder to thicken it - the best thing is that you can adjust it to how you like it (suggested ratio is 1 part powder : 2 parts water). The brush is a god send, because using a spatula (which a lot of other modelling mask include but not brush) is a pain in the butt. I actually have my own Real Techniques mask brush, because I can’t be bothered with masks getting into my nails.

I waited for like 10mins - sorry for the filter, I thought it was cute lol - and took the mask off and clean with a little damp sponge. No rinsing required!
I’m not a big detox believer, but for what it worth, I didn’t get any single acne during the time of the month, and I have a feeling this mask and my glycolic acid wash is doing pretty well

What I like:
:sunflower: Super super smooth and soft skin!
:sunflower: Fresh scent
:sunflower: Easy to use - it hardens quick but not as fast as some other modelling mask, making adjustment is easy
:sunflower: Tools included, and not a single use mask, I can use multiple time and see improvements.
What I don’t like
:sunflower: My bowl broke lol!
:sunflower: Can be a little dirty and get into my hair - but that’s the point, and use headband people!
Overall 9/10 please do give them a try! Enjoy my noob video below!


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