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Ghar/Aleppo Soap from the Nude Zero Waste!

Ghar soap

This somehow delicious looking piece is Ghar soap (also known as Aleppo soap). I bought the soap for RM35 from @nudezerowaste (a percentage of the purchase go to charity!). I’ve been getting rashes and after I introduced this soap, the itch subsides, I did try to stop for a week, and my rashes came back. Ugh. My only complaint is that it’s drying on my skin (my body skin is super finicky) because of the high pH, but other than that, it’s a lifesaver! I put some chunk together with my other chunk of bar soaps (can you tell I’m obsessed with bar soap?) in soap net and use when I need, the soap net act like a bubble maker and dry the soap when not in use, so no slimy soap (ew!). On its own it smells a little nutty and have a faint “clean” scent, great for those with sensitive nose!
P/S: this soap is made traditionally, go look for the video on how it’s made, it’s so fascinating!

Nude Zero Waste shop is located at: 

3G, Jalan 19/29, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening time: 11AM - 7PM everyday except Monday (closed)

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