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Etude House Soon Jung Toner Review: Worth the Hype or Nah?

I reviewed one of the items that I got from my Althea Raya Haul - which is the Torriden Cellmazing Serum, and it's time for me to review the second item that I got which is the Etude House Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner.

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The Etude House Soon Jung Line consisted of Cleanser, Toner, Emulsion, Cream and Cica Balm. All of the products came in two sizes, the regular size and the "easy" size, so you can try the products without having to worry about committing to it. I got the toner in easy size, and with the generous amount I've been using, it lasted me more than 2 months. Soon Jung means Pure Love in Korean, and this line is formulated as a damage care solution for sensitive skin. There is no alcohol or SLS in the products and they are formulated to be slightly acidic to mimic the skin pH and protect the moisture barrier.

1) The ingredients:

Similar to the Torriden Serum, the active ingredient in this toner is also Madecassoside, which is an active ingredient derived from the Centella plant. The toner also contains Panthenol, which keeps skin moisturized while protecting the weakening of skin moisture barrier. The full ingredients of the toner (as from Etude House website) are:


I love that the ingredients are so simple and contains no harsh chemical - no denatured alcohol or even paraben/MIT! I know some people are sensitive to hyaluronic acid too, and this toner contains no HA as well, so it will be good for those people.

2) The price:

I purchased the 80ml (easy size) for RM 35 using my Althea credit courtesy of Althea (THANK YOU ALTHEA <3) ~ so it's about RM0.45 per mL, which made it actually quite expensive per mL. Still affordable though not the cheapest out there.

3) The tiny details and how I use it:

The toner has no fragrance and is quite watery, some of my friends said it might as well be pure water lol. I use it after cleansing - just patting it on and repeat 3 times, also known as 3 skin method (a little less than the famous 7 skin method). I also use this to soak my cotton pad or compressed sheetmask, I found that the lid is perfect to hold those compact dry sheetmask.

Since it has no HA, I kinda feel that it's not as hydrating, and that's a bit let down since I'm used to hydrating toners, as cleansing my skin (even with lower pH cleanser) does strip down my moisture level.

I did not find the toner to be doing anything bad or good to my skin, it doesn't break me out, but I don't find that it heals my skin (then again my skin is not that sensitive or acne prone) and over time it gets really boring.

Overall, I won't be repurchasing this toner, just because that I prefer a more hydrating toner that brightens my skin. But I understand that for people with sensitivities, this toner will be a godsend to them. If you have pretty behaving skin like mine, you might as well skip this toner and find a better centella-filled toner.


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