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Adventure in Repressing Broken Blush

It’s been a while since I posted anything, I was trying to not make skincare and makeup takes up my thoughts, it makes it easier to go on a no buy. It’s been a successful no buy month and I can’t be more proud of myself. 

Here’s my repressing adventure, methylated spirit courtesy of @felishy . When you have sisters you’re bound to wake up finding out your mini Exposed blush cracked “miraculously”. Nobody -obviously- took responsibility so here I am repressing it. It’s oddly satisfying though...

  • Crushed the pieces of blush using a clean bamboo stick. I make sure that the powder is pretty fine

  • Proceed to add few drops of methylated spirit. Stir until you get a paste. The alcohol will evaporate

  • Scrape it so that it's pretty even. Lay down a tissue paper on top of the mixture (I used cotton pad)

  • Using a flat rounded surface (I used back of a mini jar, you can use a coin or designated stamp) press down firmly. Repeat few times

  • Leave to dry for 24 hours
It does develop some film after a while I use it, but it does serve it purpose and still holding on to its shape after a month of me using it since the repress, so I'd say it's a win!


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