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Moksha Dear Berry Mask: Short Sheetmask Review

Sheetmask review again! I finally got around to try the Moksha Dear Berry sheetmask that I got from Althea for about RM4. 

It's a cream type sheet mask, although I found that the cream is more of a lotion/essence consistency. 

The sheet mask material is those regular thick cotton, not the worse out there but this mask has no slits or flap whatsoever 😕. 

Probably what I like the most is the scent. It smells delightfully like berries and tomatoes, and although it is quite strong, the scent is not too overwhelming. 

Ingredient analyzed by 

I had it on for about 30 mins, and it has a slight emollient feel to it but nothing terrible. I noticed instant moisturization and decent brightening. 

Overall 3/5, might repurchase because it's cheap for daily use.



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