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L'herboflore Rose Water Refining Hydromask: Short Sheetmask Review

I'm still in the Short Sheetmask Review Series (SSR)! All of these reviews are taken from my Instagram (@fleekingface) and posted on this blog for easy reference and safekeeping. I will also add ingredient list and analysis from skincarisma + new updated info so that it will be more thorough for a blogpost!

My first L'herboflore! Per @ashley_loveface recommendation, I tried the L'herboflore Rose Water Refining Hydromask first. It smells of roses, but nothing too overwhelming.

The first thing that I notice is the flaps of the sheetmask and the material. I really love the cuts and the flaps as I can easily overlap them to fit the crevices of my face.

Ingredient and analysis:

I love watery masks, and this is one of it. It is just super hydrating and your skin just drinks it up. It's been a while since I had a proper sheetmasking session, so I really see the difference when I used this sheetmask. My skin is noticeably plumper, hydrated and even my pores appearance is minimized. Definitely a picker upper and one of those mask I should keep when for stressful days.

L'herboflore Rose Water Hydromask is available at @lovefacemy (now for RM9.50 (now RM10)

Update: I still love this mask! The hydration, the fit and the scent makes the price tag definitely worth it. I'm ranking this high on my HG/Will Repurchase list. 

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