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Heme Baby Q Puff Review - SiliSponge Dupe!

I saw an advertisement on Facebook about this puff a week or two after Sili Sponge broke the internet. At that time Sili Sponge was out of stock (and I thought they didn't ship to Malaysia, but they do - next batch is mid January next year), and when I did some research, there is a seller in my country that sell this on 11 Street (I'll link down below for Malaysian reader, those from other country can get it from Ebay). I actually made my payment a couple of weeks ago, but they were out of stocks as well so I just got this today.

Baby Q Puff in the packaging

The back

The Claim:

Non-porous, easy to clean sponge that will not absorb your foundation, giving you extra mileage with less product. 

This puff which is made in Taiwan, is much like the Sili Sponge but cuter, and is made of medical grade silicone. However, I do feel that this puff is much thinner than Sili Sponge. It is shaped like a teardrop and have a cute face on top and comes in a reusable ziplock plastic packaging. It does not have any smell to it and is completely transparent. It's quite squishy too, you just can't stop pressing and playing with it - you should not because you'll be transferring all the germs from your hand to the puff. Ew.

Squishy + cute. Reminds me of baby's teething toys too lol

How it Perform: 

I have lowered my expectation for this applicator as it does look more like a novelty item. It does look and feel like a silicone bra insert lol. For this post, I will be doing half of my face with Pony Pebble Blender because I'm a potato and misplaced my OG Beauty Blender and the other half with the Baby Q. I have watched some videos on the Sili Sponge as there is no English review on the Baby Q Puff yet and most agree that the best way to apply the foundation is to wipe it on your face and then pat it on just like a beauty blender or cushion puff, which was the technique that I used in this comparison. I use Benefit Flawless Oxygen Wow in Petal mixed with Urban Decay All Nighter in shade 7.0.

The puff is quite flexible

I am actually impressed with this tiny applicator. It did feel a little bit weird on the skin especially when you're used to hold a thicker beauty blender, but it blended my foundation perfectly. It kinda felt sticky when you runs out of foundation but still tapping on your foundation though, but the application was pretty even. There were no streaks at all, and a little of the foundation goes a really long way. It is really really subtle, but if I were to scrutinize my application, I can see that the Pebble Blender side is dewier and look more like skin whereas the puff side, although the foundation is blended nicely, is not as dewy and skin-like (more like a layer? but is not cakey)

Before any application. I have some fading PIH/acne marks especially on my right cheek.
Scale of puff to my face lol

Applied foundation on my right side of face with the Baby Q puff. The foundation shade matches me perfectly, but my tiny specks of acne scars are now hidden. No streaks or patches
Applied left side with my trustworthy Pony Pebble Blender. Dark circle is now hidden! 

Before taking this pictures, I tried using this puff for concealer, but it does not work well. I guess when you use a damp beauty blender, the sponge soaks up the concealer a bit and gave you a dewier, airbrushed look, but with the puff, the concealer sits on top of your skin and does not look good. 

The puff shines when it comes to the application of cream blush though. Using a sponge will give you a similar result as the Baby Q puff in terms of application, but the cream blush will stain the eff out of your sponge (mine didn't wash off T.T) but you can easily wipe or clean the Baby Q puff.
I actually applied some cream blush (Josie Maran Coconut Gelee in Pink Escape) in this picture using the puff

Washing this puff is an absolute breeze because there is no staining from foundation whatsoever. It dries in seconds too! The seller also claim that this puff is more durable than your regular beauty sponge, and looking at how Beauty Blender disintegrate after 1 year (you need to replace the Beauty Blender every 3 months or so) I think this puff will fare better, 

The aftermath

The Verdict:

I won't be throwing out any of my Beauty Blender for this puff. Maybe because I am a creature of habit, but I just can't quit the texture of a soft and damp sponge when blending my foundation. I am however keeping this gem for cream and liquid blush application as well as for travelling purpose because I can't be bothered with damp sponge in my makeup bag. Gross. Overall, it works really well, and did I mention how cute it is? 

Heme Baby Q Puff is RM38.90 from 11 Street by Cottage Beauty



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