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Canmake 30th Anniversary Best Collection Kit Unboxing

This will be a mini first impression and unboxing post, I will link them to my further detailed review when I have the chance to give them a proper spin! Shout out to Canmake for sponsoring our last Christmas Cupcake Party!

Canmake is one of those brands that I always go and ogle at their display at Sasa, but had never bought any of their product because I don't know which one should I try first (i.e: their hit products). This 30th Anniversary Best Collection Kit rounded up their best sellers from each product category - eye, lipstick, lip gloss, face powder and blush so that I can try and see how well they perform!

From left: Marshmallow finish powder, Stay on Balm Rouge, Glow Fleur Cheek, Day & UV Lip Serum and Quick Lash Curler 

1. Marshmallow Finish Powder

First up, a universal face powder in the shade MO. I was pleasantly surprised by this powder actually. Apart from its fancy packaging, it does look like a regular face powder to even out your skin and maybe reduce sebum production. It does all that, by making my face quite matte, but also brightens, smoothen and blurring my pores as well. I see myself using this regularly in the future. This is something that I see myself repurchasing. First impression 5/5

2. Day & UV Lip Serum

Pantip that's more hygienic than wand applicator

Swatch of Day & UV lip serum

This lip serum has a tint of cherry to it, great for those who's on the go and does not always wear lipstick. It has a lipgloss consistency to it with no scent. Due to my discolored lip, I don't really wear sheer lipgloss on its own, but I appreciate that it's a moisturizing lip product with a UV shield. Upon research, I noticed that this serum has a sister - Day & Night Lip Serum - which I think will be right up my alley. Let's see if I can find that serum so that I can make a comparison between these two. First impression 3/5

3. Quick Lash Curler

Comb wand to evenly coat each lashes

First thought: the comb is so unique! This is a base and top coat mascara and can also be used alone, though I don't recommend doing so because it seems a little clumpy? The clumps are gone when you coat your lashes with regular mascara (I only had used it as base mascara). Overall I'm pretty happy with this item, it curls my short stabby lashes and holds them up pretty well. First impression 4/5

4. Stay On Balm Rouge

Swatch of few coats of the balm. It's quite buildable

Another lip product but in lipstick type. This lip balm is in #2, and it is in cherry-orange color. It's sheer as well and has a lip balm consistency, but buildable. A single coat almost look like a tinted lipgloss. It's not transfer proof so I'm not sure what does the stay-on means, I guess I need to take this baby out for a longer testing. Just like the lip serum, this lip product also offers UV protection. First impression 3/5

5. Glow Fleur Cheek

Pretty detailing

Swatch of each of the shade on the blush

This blush is in shade number 4, and it has 4 separate colors that can be mixed together or worn separately. I've been wanting this blush badly, as well as their other color that have blue roses instead of pink -think ABH Moon Child vibe. At first I thought it will be chalky and not pigmented, but it's absolutely pretty if you mixed all the colors together. It's also buildable so it even shows up on my tan skin. It kinda reminds me of my Hourglass Diffused Heat because it has this sheen when you apply it on your skin. This is also another favorites from the kit, I will try to hunt down other shades. First impression 5/5

Overall, I can't wait to test out properly all of the products in this kit. I can see a lot of potential in most of the products in the collection, especially the blush and the mascara base and top coat. Which item from Canmake is your favourite?

Disclaimer: All items are sponsored by Canmake for my consideration, but opinions are solely my own. 


  1. I love their makeup and also packaging, it so kawaiii! the Quick Lash Curler is one of my favourite.

  2. The packaging are so cute! Hopefully the colour also payoff!

  3. I am in love with such sweet packaging. Pink is my favourite colour, anyway. HAHAHA... Looking forward to your review of these products.

  4. I've been hearing about great reviews about canmake products and I will definitely try their glosses.

    - xx, Mariel

  5. loving these pretty stuff loads... i am also loving the use of it...

  6. Heard about their products before but never try it yet! Perhaps I should go to try these canmake products ;)

  7. I like the packaging, product choices are adorable too, will check it out :)

  8. Canmake has very pretty packaging and I really enjoy using their blushes too. Will check on more of their ranges soon.

  9. the packaging so lovely. will definitely check them out real soon

  10. Canmake is always soo cute. It reminds me of Cardcaptor Sakura, or The Sailormoon!

  11. I have not used this brand before. I loved the shades of its lip serum..

  12. I love their 2016 collection. I can't wait to their best collection. The collection come with a beautiful pink box.

  13. This collection is so much easy and convenient to use! =D Love that it comes with a set beautiful in packaging too =D

  14. Everyone is trying out canmake...i think i should give it try too..

  15. Canmake has to be one of my fav's! I love how natural it looks on my skin :)

  16. Nice collections. Will try out the products soon.

  17. I've always loved Canmake and their products. Especially their cream blush.!

  18. all the make up stuff looks quite easy to take for my travel ~~ cant wait to try mine


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