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A'pieu For Your Shadow Palette Rilakkuma Edition in #1 How to Some Review

I have been wanting the A’pieu Rilakkuma Eyeshadow palette for over two months. So when I won some free credits from ALTHEA, I pulled the trigger. Unfortunately, most of the palette were gone (there were 4 different eyeshadow palette) including the one I wanted which is #4 Good After Brown and only the #1 How to Some that is still in stock.

The eyeshadow came sealed, and the palette itself is made of sturdy plastic but still heavy when you hold it, so it doesn’t feel cheap. It is super overwhelmingly cute, seriously. The plastic protector itself has some prints of Rilakkuma on it. I do want the Rilakkuma to be imprinted on the shadow, but I’m probably asking too much.

Closeup from top left clockwise: Champagne shimmer, matte cayenne orange, peachy orange shimmer, bronzy copper glitter

My heart just exploded. Too cute!

The palette consisted of 1 matte eyeshadow (a dusty cayenne orange), 2 shimmer (champagne and peachy orange) and 1 glitter eyeshadow (copper). This is definitely an eyeshadow palette that’s perfect for fall, therefore I am not complaining at all. The colors of the eyeshadows are definitely my style and I know I will be using. The palette is also compact, which makes it easy to travel with.

The eyeshadows are soft, but the pigmentation is a bit lacking. I understand it will work well with Korean makeup that just need some soft wash of colour on the lid, but that will not be sufficient for me unfortunately. The glitters in the shimmer and glitter eyeshadow is also a bit chunky and will get everywhere. However with the help of primer, the colour does show better and it helps from getting fallout. In this swatch I am using Catrice eyeshadow primer and swatching with a dense flat brush. I found that the shimmers and the glitter eyeshadow also shows up better with a glitter glue (I’m using Fyrinnae Pixy Epoxy).
From left with no primer, followed by the shadows on top of primer. Pic taken with flash 1. Copper glitter, 2. Peachy shimmer, 3. Champagne shimmer, 4. Matte cayenne orange

Perhaps the worst offender in the palette is the matte eyeshadow. The pigment does not show up that well and it is quite chalky although buildable. It is nice however for a subtle wash of shadow for that minimal look.
I'm only using the matte shadow that just give a slight tint to my eyes

Overall, it is just an okay product. It is a nice portable palette for on the go (I really like the size of it as it fits my makeup pouch). It will stay in my makeup pouch but I’m not seeing myself using it when I want to go full glam. Although the shade complemented each other and are super trendy, I will not be purchasing this if not of the cute packaging which is a definite collector item. 

A’pieu For Your Shadow Rilakkuma Edition in #1 How to Some (RM43 at ALTHEAMY)


  1. The color is nice but pigment really light. Rilakkuma is a really cute character. Glad that at least u still managed to get 1.

  2. I would get it not for the palette but only for Rilakkuma. It is, as you said, a collector's item!

  3. oh gosh.. it is so cute, that palette.. and the colours are rather gorgeous too...

  4. love this palette. Color also look natural.

  5. ahh looks kawaii and perfect for daily wear :)

  6. I planned to get one on Hermo too! Now after reading your review and i think it's definitely worthy!

  7. A’pieu Rilakkuma Eyeshadow palette is so cute! The colors looks nice on you too.

  8. I love the design, it's so cute! Love the colours as well, but unfortunate to see that they aren't really pigmented.

  9. The Rilakkuma packaging is so cute!! I want to grab one too.

  10. I love the packaging and I am big fans of Rilakkuma. The color is nice and I will grab one of it.


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