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New Content Coming Soon!

It's going to be the end of  May soon, and I will be adding few routine contents to the blog to spice things up and better organize it. I'm a bit of a lazy pants can you see? I'm also thinking of revamping the blog layout as well....

The new contents will be:

1. Monthly Love List: At the end of each month I will list down few star products that I have tried. I'm trying to keep a positive vibe, so I'm not sure yet whether I will do a Monthly Hate List as well.

2. Giveaways!: I will try to do at least one giveaway each month. This will subject to availability of stuff. (Hehe). Giveaway items may be new or swatched once/twice for review purposes but I will specify that in the post.

3. Battlezone: Where I compare two similar products (pros and cons)

4. Tiny Bits Tryout: I realized that some of my products are travel sizes/samples, therefore I can't really comment on how well they perform after a while as well as the packaging. It will be more like a first impression blog post.

I will add more content as the blog progress. As you can see, at this point the blog is still a tiny baby. Here's to more posts in the future!

Till then,


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