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Neogence x SaSa

The weather is crazy nowadays, crazy I tell you. It will be super hot around noon and a freaking thunderstorm will ensued. Sigh. Hopefully your skin won't go crazy on you.

On 15th May I got the chance to join SaSa* X Neogence workshop as a part of SaSa Malaysia DermoScience Lab tour at Mid Valley Megamall. I for once can't say no to workshops, demos and free stuff, so I quickly RSVP-ed and they got me in! I had never heard of Neogence before but I like free stuff. heh.

So on that day, 11AM sharp, I went to their big set up at the ground floor of North Court Wing and checked myself in. The workshop is a DIY essence mask and conducted by one of Neogence founders, Dr Hsieh. I was actually quite impressed with the set up of the workshop. It looks like a lab I tell you. There were plastic test tubes, beakers, droppers and glass rods.

Getting busy with the test tubes

impressed face mode

Although the workshop was done almost entirely in Mandarin (with the occasional English sentences when he saw us trying to understand what he's trying to say), the participants there were helpful and kind enough to help us grasp the essence (pun intended) of the workshop.

The session started with a couple of subtitled videos about Neogence skincare line (which I think is quite dramatic for a skincare line, but I digress) and after few sentences that I assumed as his introduction, he began to explain how to make the sheet mask.

We were given an unsealed foil packet that contain a sheet mask, and we got to choose to use either a heavy base (moisturizing, for dry skin) or light base (for normal to oily skin). I chose the heavy base because I got confused which one is the light base, lol. 10mL of the base is then added to 5mL of serum (not sure what type of serum).

Then we got to the fun part; choosing what type of sheet mask will it be. I chose the 10mL arbutin + 5mL vitamin C (arbutin for whitening, vitamin C for brightening effect). I don't remember what the transamin should be for but a quick google said it's also a whitening agent. It is probably for dark spots treatment if I am not mistaken.

I did the second type, 1% vit C, 4% Arbutin
getting jiggy with it

After we decided on the desired function, we added 15mL of the chosen ingredient to the 15mL initial base+serum mixture. That mixture was then shaken well and added to the foil packet. We wrote our name and date, and sealed the foil with the help of the staff there.Voila, one DIY sheet mask ready.


double done!

After the workshop ended, we were given a goodie bag each and RM30 from RM50 purchase that can only valid on that day. There were 2 full size Neogence items inside the bag therefore I did not feel I need to buy anything else that day. I'll review the items in the next post. Spoiler : they're very good.

I tried the DIY sheet mask after 4 days and the real sheet mask is protected by a layer of plastic backing at the back and blue nylon backing in front. The mask itself is a regular cotton type sheet mask. Although I thought the 30mL of essence mixture was a lot, there were no excess essence in the foil and all of it has been absorbed by the mask (and the nylon backing too). I tried it for about 10 minutes, and my skin felt a little bit smoother even after washing my face. I don't see any brightening effects though.

weird backing #1

weird backing #2

the mask. thinner than regular sheet mask.

Overall, the workshop was very interesting and fun, and SaSa staffs there were very friendly. I got to know a lot of brands that I haven't heard as well.

* SaSa is a leading South East Asia beauty supplier and they carry mostly asian cosmetics (with the occasional western brands such as theBalm)


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