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Reverie Touch Green Tea Fresh Face Mask Review

~My first attempt to make a video please don’t laugh lol~
Guys, my mind is blown! When @reverietouchhq offered me to try their modelling/rubber mask I have no expectation whatsoever. I’ve tried korean brand modelling mask before, and they’re so-so, single use, and not worth it to repurchase but I’m okay to give Reverie Touch a try.

But oh. My. God, the modelling mask itself is so easy to use, smell realllllly nice and fresh (the one I’m using is Green Tea Fresh) and once taken off, my skin is super smooth and soft! What magic is this?? And plus it’s not a single use mask with multi packaging that I feel so wasteful, one pouch can last you a month or two with weekly usage, which sits well with my new low waste philosophy. A+ for that.
The package should come with the mask powder itself, a spatula, a mask brush, a bowl and a sponge housed in a cute ziplock bag, but my bowl broke in transit, so I just used a small cup. Halfway in the video, I actually use the brush and added a little bit mo…
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Insta Natural Niacinamide Serum Review

Taking a short break to talk about this serum I’m almost done with! 

The insta natural niacinamide serum is fortified with
- Hyaluronic Acid
- Vitamin E
- Avocado Oil
- Rosemary Extract

Bought this for around MYR55+ and definitely will be repurchasing! The brightening effect is not as great as Stratia Rewind, but I love how hydrating it feels (Rewind can feel a little drying if I don’t moisturize after / I know... who does that but sometimes I’m just lazyyyy) and it smells so... herby and planty ahhh it’s great. It’s not oily at all and in fact absorbs fast into my skin. If you’re not looking for a super duper brightening, this is the one for you!

Pros: All the above I just wrote 🤣
Cons: Not so brightening, hard to get here (get from @thyevilqueen shopee store! Lol) and opaque bottle makes it hard to gauge how much left.

Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Niacinamide, Glycerin*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Ceteareth-6 Olivate*, Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Sodium Hydroxypropyl Starc…

Ghar/Aleppo Soap from the Nude Zero Waste!

This somehow delicious looking piece is Ghar soap (also known as Aleppo soap). I bought the soap for RM35 from @nudezerowaste (a percentage of the purchase go to charity!). I’ve been getting rashes and after I introduced this soap, the itch subsides, I did try to stop for a week, and my rashes came back. Ugh. My only complaint is that it’s drying on my skin (my body skin is super finicky) because of the high pH, but other than that, it’s a lifesaver! I put some chunk together with my other chunk of bar soaps (can you tell I’m obsessed with bar soap?) in soap net and use when I need, the soap net act like a bubble maker and dry the soap when not in use, so no slimy soap (ew!). On its own it smells a little nutty and have a faint “clean” scent, great for those with sensitive nose!
P/S: this soap is made traditionally, go look for the video on how it’s made, it’s so fascinating!

Nude Zero Waste shop is located at: 

3G, Jalan 19/29, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening tim…

An Ode to MAC Fluidline Rich Ground (all those discontinued products out there T.T)

This MAC Fluidline in Rich Ground is a gem that I found at The Cosmetic Company (basically a clearance outlet for Estee Lauder brands if you don’t know) and I fell in love with this shade after repurposing it to a cream eyeshadow. It blends well and as it is a gel eyeliner, last hours after application. 

The shade is also a really pretty warm red copper and I have been using it as my office staple look ever since. I think Temptalia's swatch is a pretty good example how gorgeous this eyeliner is, she even gave it an A+ rating!

This shade is now discontinued and the reason I’m writing this post is because I’m seeing pan now, a sign that soon it’s going to be empty. 

Although I’m tempted to scour for a backup and replacement, I’m telling myself now that it’s ok, I’ll miss it (like how I miss MAC Pander Me, they did not carry that shade here) but I’ll live and soon will find another shade and product that I’ll love again.

❤️ Here’s to all discontinued and limited edition product that we l…

Etude House Soon Jung Toner Review: Worth the Hype or Nah?

I reviewed one of the items that I got from my Althea Raya Haul - which is the Torriden Cellmazing Serum, and it's time for me to review the second item that I got which is the Etude House Soon Jung pH 5.5 Relief Toner.

The Etude House Soon Jung Line consisted of Cleanser, Toner, Emulsion, Cream and Cica Balm. All of the products came in two sizes, the regular size and the "easy" size, so you can try the products without having to worry about committing to it. I got the toner in easy size, and with the generous amount I've been using, it lasted me more than 2 months. Soon Jung means Pure Love in Korean, and this line is formulated as a damage care solution for sensitive skin. There is no alcohol or SLS in the products and they are formulated to be slightly acidic to mimic the skin pH and protect the moisture barrier.

1) The ingredients:

Similar to the Torriden Serum, the active ingredient in this toner is also Madecassoside, which is an active ingredient derived from …

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil & Natural Pacific Perfect Facial Deep Cleansing Oil Review


Let's get straight to the cleansing oils review I've been meaning to post for the longest time!

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Review

I've emptied my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil! This Yoshiko packaging is a limited edition, but the oil formulation is exactly the same, you can tell that I got this mainly because of the pink bottle!

I didn't take the photo with the bottle still full with product, but the DHC Deep Cleansing oil is golden in color, and slightly heavier than mineral cleansing oil (which I find typical for olive oil based cleansing oil). Although that I am not a fan, some people do prefer the heavier feel that allows them to properly massage off all their makeup and sunscreen from their skin. This cleansing oil also do not contain any fragrance, so it have this nutty olive oil scent to it (which I don't really like- but if you're concerned with fragrance as possible irritant, this cleansing oil will be perfect for you).

Ingredients: Olive …

Adventure in Repressing Broken Blush

It’s been a while since I posted anything, I was trying to not make skincare and makeup takes up my thoughts, it makes it easier to go on a no buy. It’s been a successful no buy month and I can’t be more proud of myself. 

Here’s my repressing adventure, methylated spirit courtesy of @felishy . When you have sisters you’re bound to wake up finding out your mini Exposed blush cracked “miraculously”. Nobody -obviously- took responsibility so here I am repressing it. It’s oddly satisfying though...

Crushed the pieces of blush using a clean bamboo stick. I make sure that the powder is pretty fine

Proceed to add few drops of methylated spirit. Stir until you get a paste. The alcohol will evaporate
Scrape it so that it's pretty even. Lay down a tissue paper on top of the mixture (I used cotton pad)

Using a flat rounded surface (I used back of a mini jar, you can use a coin or designated stamp) press down firmly. Repeat few times

Leave to dry for 24 hours It does develop some film after a while…